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  • Going to the airport, driving and navigating an overpriced rental car or your own vehicle in local traffic congestion?
  • Getting back from the airport, waiting in an awfully long queue for an airport taxi?
  • Manage restricted booking options for airport shuttles?

Countless problems are answered by booking your airport transportation online Reservations or calling us (404) 477-7868. Below, we answer a few key questions from our customers when booking their travel with us. From our experience, it’s best to stay prepared, think ahead, and save yourself the stress of finding a ride to your hotel.


1. How do I locate my ride on arrival at the airport?
We will text or email you the complete instruction with our phone number, so you are not lost. Please call us with the door number
before you exit. Our driver will be pulling his vehicle in front of the door within 3-5 min.

2. Can I cancel my reservation if I cancel my flight?
Yes, you can cancel your reservation by email or calling our customer service office at (404) 477-7868
 incase you change your mind. All Cancellations must be made 4 hours in advance to receive a full refund.

3. Does my quote include all taxes?
Pathway always quotes the total fare, including rates, taxes, fees and surcharges.
However, the quoted price listed on our website does not include services and fees that apply once you begin your ride (such as gratuity and excess luggage fees).

4. What is a shared-ride service?
Our Share a Ride service is a cost-effective option available to passengers that are traveling in the same direction
(depends on the vehicle availability). For any questions, please call our customer service office at (404) 477-7868